Instant Credit Switzerland.

If you urgently need money, be it because the car is on strike or the washing machine is broken, it usually doesn’t just lie on the passbook. You can either find out from the house bank or an online bank about their loan terms.

However, many people have a negative Credit Bureau entry, for example because they once did not pay their cell phone bill on time and therefore cannot get a loan from a bank. Other people have a “pure” Credit Bureau, but do not want a loan, for example for a car, to be entered in the Credit Bureau. For all those interested in a loan, an immediate loan in Switzerland is interesting.

An immediate loan in Switzerland is also possible with bad Credit Bureau and without Credit Bureau entry, so that the borrower can use it to pay for the new car or a new home or to replace an existing loan.

Apply for an instant loan in Switzerland

Apply for an instant loan in Switzerland

You can apply for an instant Switzerland loan online, free of charge and without obligation.
After completing the loan application form, the applicant is sent a personal loan application, which they must print out and fill out. Proof of income and personal data are required. The loan application must be signed, sent to the Cream bank by post or fax, after which, as a rule, a processing time of 24 hours can be expected for an immediate loan in Switzerland.

Subsequently, if the bank decides positively, the applicant receives the loan application forms, which he only has to return signed. In the following, the Swiss Instant Loan is paid out either in cash, by post or by transfer to the applicant’s bank account so that the applicant can make the planned expenses.

Requirements for a Swiss instant loan

Requirements for a Swiss instant loan

In order to apply for a Swiss instant loan, the applicant must meet a number of criteria. Among other things, he must have reached the minimum age of 18 and must not be older than 75, and must also be resident in Germany.  If these conditions are met, there is nothing standing in the way of the payment of the loan, which can amount to up to USD 100,000.

There is a Swiss instant loan with terms between 12 and 120 months, so that everyone can choose the best time frame for the repayment.

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